FAQ: Cleveland Brown Who Voices Tim The Bear?

Who voices Tim the bear?

Tim (voiced by Seth MacFarlane from Season 1–3, Jess Harnell from Season 3–4 ) – Tim is one of Cleveland and Donna’s neighbors in Stoolbend who just happens to be an anthropomorphic bear.

What happened to Tim the bear?

as a secret agent out to kill him. In “Grave Danger”, Tim declines to be buried in a section of Stoolbend Cemetery with the rest of the gang, citing religious reasons and prefers to be stuffed.

What accent does the bear in the Cleveland show have?

Peter has a talking dog named Brian; one of Cleveland’s new buddies is Tim, a bear with a Russian accent, who’s voiced by “Family Guy” impresario Seth MacFarlane. (Arianna Huffington voices Tim’s wife, also a bear.)

Why did Cleveland Jr get fat?

In the episode “Terry Unmarried”, Junior said that the reason why he was so fat was because he once had an obsession for eating his boogers that got taken to extremes. In the episode “A Rodent Like This”, it was revealed that the fat and calm Junior is not the real Junior.

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Why did Cleveland Brown leave Quahog?

In the series finale, “Cleveland Moves Out”, Cleveland and his family had to leave Stoolbend and go back to Quahog, with the out of universe, reasons being that The Cleveland Show was cancelled, and the in-universe reasons being that a meteor destroyed his house and he got fired from his job, forcing him and his family

Why did Seth MacFarlane stop voicing Tim the bear?

The reason for him completely taking over the role is because MacFarlane was too busy working on Ted, his feature directorial debut where he also voiced the lead CGI bear.

How long does a bear live?

Given their bulky physique and their slow, deliberate movements, you may be wondering, ‘how fast can a grizzly bear run? ‘ According to the National Wildlife Federation, the brown bear, also regarded as a grizzly bear, has the quickest forelegs, reaching speeds of up to 35 mph.

Does Lacey Chabert regret leaving Family Guy?

Lacey Chabert: No, I actually left the show of my own accord. But I think the show is hilarious, and don’t have a grudge against her at all. I think she’s a great actress. Then, in an interview with IGN, “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane stated that the reason for Chabert leaving was definitely a contract issue

What beer do they drink in Family Guy?

Seemingly ripe for real-world distribution, Pawtucket Patriot is the fictional ale beloved by Peter Griffin and his pals in US cartoon Family Guy.

Did Cleveland and Donna get divorced?

Donna Tubbs-Brown is Cleveland Brown’s second wife, after his first wife Loretta had an affair with one of Cleveland’s old friends, Glenn Quagmire, causing them to divorce. As a result of her marriage to Cleveland, she has gained a stepson Cleveland Brown, Jr..

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How Old Is Raymond the bear?

Raymond the Bear is the 17-year-old son of Tim and Arianna. He is a pothead stoner, who goes to Stoolbend High School, and is friends with Roberta Tubbs and Cleveland Junior.

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