FAQ: What 45-70 Ammo For Brown Bear?

Will a 45-70 Kill a brown bear?

45-70 for deer hunting in thick conditions and it’s also quite effective on black bear, feral hogs, moose, and grizzly bears. While it can be a very effective cartridge on many species of African game, make sure you read the article below if you’re thinking about using the.

Is 45-70 good for bears?

The. 45-70, now almost 150 years old, is a pretty good bear cartridge. 45-70’s relative lack of potency, the well-known, modern magnum handgun,. 454 Casull, is capable of delivering the same bullet with more velocity and energy than a ‘factory load’ from a.

What ammo does brown bear use?

30-06 is the bare minimum caliber that you should consider for brown bear hunting. Most people would agree that while it is still a little bit light. A deep-penetrating 200 to 220 grain bullet travelling at 2,600 to 2,700 fps put in the boiler room will always be effective.

Is a 45-70 worth it?

While it certainly has its limitations, the. 45-70 is still an extremely effective cartridge when used under the proper conditions. There are few modern cartridges that can match balance of power and portability that the. 45-70 offers.

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Can a 45-70 kill an elephant?

45-70 can kill an Elephant but it is not necessarily an “Elephant rifle”. However, if you dare attempt to debate them they often resort to name calling.

Will 45-70 penetrate body armor?

45-70. It didn’t penetrate his soft body armor..it carried the armor through the wound channel and out the back!

How many yards is a 45-70 Good For?

The. 45-70 Govt is very effective out to around 150 yards with minimal bullet drop, but it’s capable of great accuracy and longer range shooting as well. Using modern, smokeless powder, most of the ammunition manufacturers currently produce a wide variety of loads of varying power for the.

What is the effective range of a 45-70?

While the effective range of the. 45-70 on individual targets was limited to about 1,000 yards (915 m) with either load, the heavier bullet produced lethal injuries at 3,500 yards (3,200 m).

Where do you shoot a brown bear?

The correct answer is the heart-lung vital zone. Any other shot has too great a chance to wound the animal. There are a lot of stories about the spectacular result of head and neck shots. Some hunters have said, “Either you kill them instantly or you miss cleanly when you aim for the brain.” This is absolutely false!

Will a 45 stop a bear?

45 acp is a poor choice for bear defense. The round is slow, fat, and has fairly poor penetration on tough-skinned animals; however, some people carry. 45 acp with modern +P ammo and hardened bullets for bear defense. There are many better options, but it can work.

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Is there a difference between a brown bear and a grizzly bear?

Grizzly bears and brown bears are the same species (Ursus arctos), but grizzly bears are currently considered to be a separate subspecies (U. a. horribilis). In North America, brown bears are generally considered to be those of the species that have access to coastal food resources like salmon.

Is 45-70 too much for deer?

A 45/70 makes a fine deer round, for timber, or anywhere that the shots are not over 150 to 200yds. It is not really over kill, with standard loads, however the recoil is usually more then one would experience with rounds simular to the 243 win, or even the. 308 Win.

What is a 45-70 rifle good for?

Paired with a good lever gun, the. 45/70 is a consummate hunting rig for thick brush or timber. The rifles are short and handy, can be run very fast, and pack a wallop. Lever-actions, being scabbard-friendly, are great for horseback hunts, but they are also ideal for hunting from a blind.

Is a 45-70 Good for elk?

While big bore lever-actions have long been a favorite of deep woods whitetail hunters, 21st Century reloading components and ammunition have made the. 45-70 much more versatile and easily capable of taking moose and elk out to 250 yards.

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