Question: What Do I Need For A Brown Bear Hunt On The Alaskan Peninsula?

How much does it cost to hunt Brown Bear in Alaska?

For Nonresident Aliens: Alaska hunting license $630, Brown/Grizzly Bear tag: $1,300, Moose tag: $1,000, Black Bear tag: $600, Wolverine tag: $500, and Wolf: $100. Harvest tickets are required for most species (no fees for harvest tickets).

How do you get a Brown Bear tag in Alaska?

License: Brown Bear/Grizzly tag $1000, non-resident hunting license $160 and should be purchased online prior to arrival in Alaska. Includes: 1X1 Professional Guide service, trophy care, in-field accommodations, all in-field transportation, airport pickup.

Where is the best Brown Bear hunting in Alaska?

Cold Bay, Alaska Brown Bear Hunting: Spring It is hands down the best location for trophy brown bear in Alaska. This region is as good if not better than Kodiak Island for huge coastal brown bear.

What should I pack for bear hunting?

What To Bring

  • Camouflage or hunter green clothing.
  • Blaze orange hat/togue and vest for the fall hunt.
  • Mosquito repellent and/or Mosquito netting jacket, head gear, etc.
  • Safety harness and lanyard (your choice)
  • Firearm and ammunition.
  • Waterproof walking boots.
  • Good quality Rain gear (water proof!)
  • Knee high rubber boots.
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Is it legal to shoot a bear from a boat in Alaska?

Shooting black bears from boats is illegal in Unit 6D. Shooting from boats creates unacceptable wounding loss and wastes the resource.

How much does it cost to hunt brown bear on Kodiak Island?

Rate: $25,000. Fully guided (1X1), 10-day hunt, 2-travel days.

Can you shoot a grizzly bear?

Current law says it’s legal to kill or attempt to kill a grizzly bear in self-defense, or if the bear is “in the act of attacking or killing” livestock. Senate Bill 98 would allow the killing of grizzlies that are “threatening to kill” people or livestock.

Is it legal to hunt brown bears?

Bear hunting seasons are held in both spring and fall in some areas but only in fall in other areas. It is illegal to kill cubs and females with offspring. Brown and grizzly bears are classified as the same species, Ursus arctos.

Are Kodiak bears aggressive?

Kodiak Bear Why You Should Be Scared: Kodiak Bears avoid humans whenever possible and prefer to fish in local streams as far away from people as possible. Unfortunately, some people wander a bit too close and while they aren’t the most aggressive bears in the world, they will attack a human who gets close to them.

When can you hunt brown bear in Alaska?

Kodiak Island Brown Bear Hunting in the spring is possibly the greatest trophy hunting experience that North America has to offer. The Spring Kodiak Island Brown Bear hunting season opens on April 1st and closes May 15th. Both our hunts are 15 day hunts: April 15th – 29th and May 1st – 15th.

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What is the largest Kodiak bear on record?

The largest known Kodiak bear lived at the Dakota Zoo in Bismarck, North Dakota. Named Clyde, he weighed 2130 pounds when he died in June 1987 at the age of 22. According to zoo director Terry Lincoln, Clyde probably weighed close to 2400 a year earlier He still had a fat layer of 9 inches when he died.

Do you need camo for bear hunting?

Bear have very poor eye sight but will catch a sudden movement. Any camo will work.

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