When Was The Bear Brown Bear Recurve Bow Made?

Are old bear bows worth anything?

Not all old bows are worthless. Bows manufactured by Fred Bear were legendary then, and still are today, fetching top price.

Does bear still make recurve bows?

Holding many, many patents, Bear Archery offers quite a few new cutting-edge recurve bows, while also still making many of the legendary bows form ‘back in the day’.

Where is the serial number on a bear bow?

The Serial Number: These bows usually have, what appears to be a hand inscription on one of the limbs that gives a serial number along with the length and pull weight of the bow. This serial number works very well for dating Bear Bows from 1965-1969 when the first digit of the serial number is the year of manufacture.

What year did Bear Archery start?


How much are recurve bows worth?

Recurve bows and longbows will cost you a little bit less than a compound bow, and there are some really great recurve bows on the market today for only $150. Like the Samick Sage, for example – you can pick one up for cheap on Amazon here.

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Did Bear Archery go out of business?

After a series of mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs that spanned over 30 years, the company became North American Archery Group. In 2003, Escalade Sports acquired the North American Archery Group and currently does business as Bear Archery.

Are Bear recurve bows any good?

Yes, the bow produces a very quiet shot and offers excellent accuracy. You could better strings to get less vibration but the trade off for this is more noise, so I personally wouldn’t. Its weather resistant so perfect for outdoors shooting. There are draw weights of over 40 lbs, so powerful enough to hunt.

Is bear a good bow brand?

I definitely think Bear is back to being a top of the line bow again. The Anarchy I shot last year was very nice with great fit and finish. If the grip would have been better I might have owned one. I for one am glad that Bear is bag near the top again.

What bow did Fred Bear use the most?

Shortly thereafter, in 1942, Bear produced his first hunting movie as a move to further promote the sport of archery. The next year Bear began experimenting with what would later become his favorite and most popular bow model – the take-down.

Why did Bear Archery move to Florida?

Bear had expressed a desire to move his small business to the Grayling area, where raw materials would be closer at hand and a readily accessible market for his bowhunting equipment could be found. It is only a matter of passing interest that the location on the Au Sable provided excellent fishing and hunting.

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What bow did Fred Bear shoot?

From the books I’ve read, Fred always shot about 65# with 9gpp. 45# would probably do the job but I doubt he shot that low poundage for hunting. Fred always shot 65 pounds. a 45 lb recurve will kill any North american game.

Who bought Bear Archery?

Bear Archery is a manufacturer and marketer of bows and archery equipment located in Gainesville, Florida owned by Escalade Sports.

Are Bear bows made in China?

Bear bows are made in Gainesville, Florida. your local shop must be run by idiots. That still doesn’t mean the company can’t be owned by someone from China.

What quiver did Fred Bear use?

Fred Bear Recurve Bow Quiver Description The frame of the Fred Bear custom recurve bow quiver is made of strong, lightweight aluminium. The durable plastic protective foam-filled hood with indents to store all types of broadheads. Securely holds up to 7 arrows and weighs a mere 8.8 ounces or 250 grams.

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