Why Does The Devil Bear A Resemblance To Young Goodman Brown?

Why does Young Goodman Brown meet with the devil?

The devil first appears in the guise of Goodman’s grandfather, carrying a staff that resembles a serpent. He later appears as a dark figure. He meets Goodman Brown in the woods, reveals the hypocrisy of all the Puritan leaders Goodman respects, and lures Goodman and Faith to a satanic conversion ceremony.

What does the devil do to Goodman Brown?

The devil promises that if Goodman Brown is baptized, he will be able to know the secret evil within each member of the human race – he will see “where crime has been committed, and shall exult to behold the whole earth one stain of guilt “.

Who represents the devil in Young Goodman Brown?

“His staff, which bore the likeness of a great black snake” (71) demonstrates that the traveler is the devil and should be represented by black. Black signifies darkness and evil. The snake denotes the devil, so together the traveler is evil and dark.

Does Goodman Brown agree to meet the devil?

Although Goodman Brown agreed to meet with the Devil and has been walking with him in the woods, he does so reluctantly, in part because he believes he is the first of his family to be tempted by evil. He takes pride in his Brown forebears and fears he is letting down the family name and reputation with his actions.

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Who attends the devil’s communion in the forest?

Who attends the devil’s communion in the forest? The Old Man/Devil The man, possibly the devil, who tempts Goodman Brown into attending the ceremony in the forest. The man intercepts Goodman Brown in the middle of the dark road, then presides over the ceremony.

Does Goodman Brown quote the Bible?

Biblical Allusions: “Young Goodman Brown” contains a number of allusions, mostly to the Bible. Because the focus of the story is on the 17th-century community of Puritan colonists in Salem, and because Puritanism is a sect of Christianity, the story is rich with images and symbols from the Christian Bible.

What does Brown say would break faith’s heart?

“Well, then, to end the matter at once,” said Goodman Brown, considerably nettled, ” there is my wife, Faith. It would break her dear little heart; and I’d rather break my own!”

Is Goodman Brown a good person?

A young resident of Salem and the story’s protagonist. Goodman Brown is a good Christian who has recently married Faith. He takes pride in his family’s history of piety and their reputation in the community as godly men.

What does the devil’s staff resemble?

When Goodman Brown meets the man whom Hawthorne later reveals to be the devil, Hawthorne draws attention to the man’s staff, which resembles a black serpent and almost seems to twist like a live snake.

Is the man that Goodman Brown comes up in the woods really the devil?

He soon comes upon a man in the road who greets Goodman Brown as though he had been expecting him. He hides, embarrassed to be seen with the man, and the man taps Goody Cloyse on the shoulder. She identifies him as the devil and reveals herself to be a witch, on her way to the devil’s evil forest ceremony.

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